What is MTN?

MTN is a network of local evangelical churches providing training for local church-based ministry.

Does my church have to be a member of MTN for me to participate?

No! All are welcome to this Christ-centered, Bible-based program.

Is there a certificate for completion?

All who successfully complete a Foundations Course will earn a certificate. All who successfully complete the entire Biblical Foundations Program will earn a Graduate Completion Award.

Do the Foundations courses have to be taken in any order?

No, each course is a unit to itself.

Do these courses / trainings / seminars count toward college credit?

These intensive training programs are especially designed to equip Christians for effective ministry in their local church, not to earn a degree.

The exception to this is Perspectives on the World Christian Movement that may be taken either for certificate, undergraduate or graduate credit.

More questions?

Contact Executive Director, Phil Curtis (401) 447-4816 or email philiphcurtis@gmail.com