About MTN

The Ministry Training Network of Southeastern New England was born in 2003 because a handful of Rhode Island area pastors realized a need for college-level training in Bible, theology, and ministry skills on the part of many who aspired to leadership in their churches. Most of these individuals were in the midst of careers and raising families and could not take time to go away to be trained. Consequently, we are a network of local evangelical churches working together to provide leadership training for local church-based ministry.

The Board of Directors is made up of pastors and leaders from area churches who share this vision.

Local churches can become supporting Member Churches through commiting to encourage their membership to take advantage of the training and through making a yearly contribution to our general budget. We hold classes in churches who donate available space. Nominal tuitions cover the cost of textbooks and notes for the students as well as a portion of the operating expenses.

Our instructors are gifted, trained, and seasoned teachers–most holding masters degrees or doctorates.

Over the course of these nineteen years, more than six hundred students from about fifty churches have taken one or more of our seminars or courses. Since beginning our Biblical Foundations Program in September 2008, one hundred and sixty-three students have enrolled in one or more of these courses, including thirty-two who have graduated from the program.