Old Testament Survey

Old Testament Survey Part I

For an investment of ten two-hour classes, you will gain an overall view of the first
seventeen books of the Old Testament. You will grasp the general content of each book
and how each book contributes to the unifying theme of the Old Testament. In addition,
your growth in understanding the geographical, cultural, and historical background that underlies these books will heighten your ability to return to them for more in-depth study
in the future. Finally, your reading and study of the New Testament will be greatly enhanced.

Old Testament Survey Part II

Grasp the background and content of each book in the second half of the Old Testament, known as the Poetry and the Prophets:

Discover how the unique literary forms of the Poetry and the Prophets unlock their meaning
Appreciate how the Poetry and the Prophets cast light on the New Testament
Understand the unfolding purpose of God revealed in Scripture